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Seafood Box-Please place an order 3 hours before pick-up.


Assorted Sashimi 20p, Scallop 4p, Scampi 2p(Scampi Marinated Soy Sauce...

Sashimi+Sushi Plate


Sashimi & Sushi Plate S $30 Today Fish 10, Nigiri...

Sashimi Plate


This menu requires a minimum of 30 minutes of preparation...

Nigiri Sushi 10p


Today Fish Nigiri Sushi 10p

Cold Noodle with Sashimi ( Sashimi Muchim사시미무침)


Assorted Sashimi, Vege, Spicy vinegar sauce, Noodle

Salmon Sashimi / Haku Farmed Kingfish Sashimi


Salmon Sashimi / Haku Farmed Kingfish Sashimi 10p $30 18p...

Octopus 200g (Special season menu)


Boiled Octopus with Sauce Choose 1 1. vinegar gochujang Sauce...

Premium Nigiri Sushi or Nigiri Sushi 4p


Nigiri sushi 4p A. Salmon 4p B. Today's fish 4p...

Salmon Lover Roll 8p


Fresh salmon roll topped with torched salmon, teriyaki sauce, onion,...

Nibbles Chicken 6pcs


Thigh Boneless Seasoned Fried Chicken Fried Nibbles Chicken 6pcs Seasoned...

Marinated Soy Sauce Scampi or Marinated Soy Sauce Prawn


Please place an order 1 hours before pick-up. Marinated Soy...

Pork Belly BOSSAM (skinless)


Boiled Pork Belly and other aromatic ingredients. With Vege, Seasoned...

Pork Hock-Please place an order 1 day before pick-up.


Hot spicy Pork Hock Cabbage, onion, spicy pepper Original Pork...

K Fried Chicken


You can choose sauce 1/ Garlic Mayo, Korean Sweet Spicy

Seasoned Chicken



Salmon Lover Bowl


Sushi Rice, Aburi + Raw Salmon, Salmon Caviar,Tobiko Soy Sauce,...

Hutomaki Roll 8p


traditional big size roll filled with assorted sashimi, egg, cucumber,...

Sashimi Bowl


Sushi Rice, Today Fish, Vege

Tonkotsu Ramen


Pork Chashu, Cabbage, Onion, Mung Bean Sprout, Spring Onion. Noodle

Tofu JJamppong


Vege, Tofu, Cabbage, onion, Spring Onion, Wheat Noodle

Pork Soy Sauce Bowl


Rice, Soy sauce marinated pork, Vege, Corn

Fried Chicken Bowl


Rice, Fried Chicken, Vege, Corn, Bean, Korean Sweet Spicy Sauce...

Spicy Cold Soup Noodle with Sashimi (Mulhoe물회)


Assorted sashimi, vege, Spicy Vinegar sauce & Suop, Noodle

Salmon Bowl


Sushi Rice, Salmon, Vege, Corn, Bean

Pork Katsu Bowl


Rice, Pork Katsu, Vege, Corn, Bean

Tempura Bowl


Rice, Vege Salad with Sesame Mayo Dressing, Corn, Bean, Prawn...

Pork Jjamppong Bowl


Choose 1 RIce or Noodle Pork, Cabbage, Onion, Mung Bean...

Teriyaki Salmon Bowl


Rice, Teriyaki Salmon, Vege, Corn, Bean

Sashimi Bibimbap


Korean Style Sashimi Bowl Rice, Today Fish, Vege, Vinegar Gochujang...

Chicken Katsu Bowl


Rice, Chicken Katsu, Vege, Corn, Bean, Sauce, Sesame Mayo Dressing

Red prawn Sashimi Bowl


Sushi Rice, Assorted sashimi, Red Prawn sashimi 2p, Tobikko, Wasabi...



rice cake, Fish cake, Gochujang Sauce Tteokbokki is a popular...

Mussel & Prawn JJamppong


Choose 1 Rice or Noodle Mussel & Prawn, Cabbage, Onion,...

Spicy cold noodle (Bibim Noodle)


Spicy cold noodle (Wheat noodle) sweet & sour Gochujang Sauce...


Pick up from: 3/2-8 Anzac Avenue Change it ?